Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

We enjoyed our mommy and daddy's vacation. We got to visit our mom-mom and pop-pop and relax. We had a few nice days outside. We played outside everyday. Now it's getting cold again. So we've been relaxing on our new "Hilton Beds". Our mom-mom named our beds. We like having our own pillows. We sleep while our Mommy is on the boring computer.
Savannah became a Petsmart Graduate on March 14th. She graduated Beginners Level Training. Mommy did not charge the camera sorry no pics. Savannah would want any pictures of that stupid cap. Duh mom I'm a doggie. Savannah learned how to sit, come and down. She is still practicing sit and stay, paw and spin. We are all so proud of Savannah. Talk to you again soon.

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Moab said...

Congrats on passing PetsMart class! My mom forgot the camera on graduation day but I'm kinda glad she did ... that gown was embarassing wasn't it?