Saturday, February 24, 2007

Christmas 2006

We would like to share our Christmas with everybody. We woke up with mommy and daddy and found new toys under the tree. Hehe when mommy was at work last year I (Savannah)undecorated the tree. I took that shiny red ball outside and broke it into little pieces. But I was better this year and I started to take off the big red ribbon but mommy caught me in the act. She yelled "ata ata" Why is she always saying that??
After we opened our new toys we went to our Mom-mom and Pop-pops house and we helped everyone open presents. We are experts at ripping paper products to shreds. Sydney was call "The Shredder" in her younger days. After the shredding we had breakfast. What a breakfast Mom-mom snuck us scrambled eggs and pancakes it was so yummy better then dog food. We went to our mommy's mom-mom's house later that night. This is the lady who swore she does not like dogs. Ha ha ha we have her wrapped around our little paws. She always has treats for us. And Savannah was on her bed where was our mother with the camera then? She pretends she is a dog hater but with these smushy faces how could not love us?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

We had so much fun playing in the snow. We watched our mommy shovel the driveway two days in a row. We got to wear our Chilly Dog coats to play outside. Our Uncle Kevin calls us the track team when we wear them to mom-mom's house. Can't blame mommy for trying to keep us warm. After all our romping around the yard we came inside with mommy and had peanutbutter filled Kongs. Yummy yummy mommy said sorry girls no hot cocoa for you. Last weekend we had daddy all to ourselves. Our mommy was away on a shopping trip. We missed our mommy a little but she did not bring us home any presents. We are sure somewhere in Lancaster there are treats we could have eaten. That's all for now time to play.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Sydney & Savannah Introductions

We would like to introduced ourselves as individuals (since our mom always calls us the girls).

My name is Sydney aka the Beaner. I am a beautiful fawn female boxer. I have a black mask and a small white patch on my chest. I am small girl with an outgoing personality. I am three years old. I have been with my mommy and daddy since I was 8 weeks old. I was my Daddy's Christmas present in 2003. I was the biggest suprise present ever. My Daddy almost cried when Mom-Mom and Mommy sneaked me in the house. I have been Daddy's Little Girl ever since. My favorite thing is to play with my red Jolly ball outside. Hehe I try to sneak it through the doggie door when I think mommy is not watching.

Savannah the banana. I am a two year old female boxer. I have a gorgeous reverse brindle color that my mommy loves. I 'm about two inches taller then my big sis Sydney. I have alot of flash on my chest. I came to this family in August 2004. I was six months old. I have heard people saw I came to boxer heavan. I was a rescue puppy. A great guy rescued me and introduced me to my new family. I was shy, scared, and needed lots of attention. My big sister was not happy sharing the spotlight. My shy act lasted for about one month and now my mom says I am the "Bad one". I love to steal BRAS. I run out the doggie door and my mommy can't catch me.

More to come soon..
Florida mom mom give Toby and Maggie a big wet kiss for us