Saturday, March 10, 2007

March Madness

What a crazy month so far. The beginning of the week it was cold and windy. It was so cold we stayed inside. Mommy took pictures of us laying in the sun. We were working on those tan lines. We are boxer beach bums in the OBX ya know. It even snowed on Wednesday. Our mommy left us all day for a work class. Savannah rebelled and ripped up the new backdoor mat. I told you she is TROUBLE. Today it was nice and sunny. We played in the backyard all afternoon. I played with my jolly ball and Savannah barked and barked but I still do not share my ball.
Our mommy has been on vacation all week. This week mommy and daddy are on vacation. But we are staying home no road trips for us. Savannah will graduate obedence school this Wednesday. We are very proud of her.
We gotta go to bed now.

Sydney & Savannah

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