Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Having a bitchin time in OBX

So if you have looking for us we are still around. What's up with our mother no post since March? We'll we had another great vacation this summer. We spent a week in the Outer Banks North Carolina with our mom, dad and our favorite grandparents. Our great grandparents even drove down just to see us. We spent one night in Virginia on the way down. We loved the big yard and all the buggies to chase. In Duck we played by the pool, went to the beach and patrolled our house from the deck. In the morning we went for walks with mom and dad. We even had homemade waffles our mommy says we don't get junk food. Ha ha we always get a treat. We missed Kevin and Kim they could not go because they are going to Hawaii. We want to say congrats to Kevin and Kim on their soon to be marriage. Hello where is our invite? We would be good girls.
Enjoy our vacation pictures. Yes it was our Dad's idea for boggieboard pics!!

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Cairo The Boxer said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. I am afraid of water.